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Runs on Shadowsocks and AI.
One-touch connection in our apps.
3439 servers in 150 countries.

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All 150 of our locations will be available on any plan.

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Why Bebra VPN?

VPN in

And in 149 other countries

Use Kazakhstan, Argentina or Turkey for purchasing content, the USA or Europe for shopping, China for setting up smart devices, Hong Kong for Asian services, and Nigeria for African ones. No matter which of our locations you connect to, Bebra VPN will ensure high-quality communication. All locations are included even in the trial plan, and you can switch between countries at any time.

Locations of Bebra VPN

10 Gigabit locations

We have selected the best data centers around the world to host Bebra VPN servers. We do not skimp on equipment and connect our servers to 10 Gigabit ports in all countries where this is technically possible.

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